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Abbe Davis (from Sordid Fable) is a Hard Rock singer and songwriter. She has sung Blues and Jazz and began at Indiana University studying classical voice. Abbe is the editor of the top international Rock magazine, She has interviewed Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Mark Tremonti, Warren Haynes, Lita Ford, Sevendust, Jimmie Vaughan, and many other rock legends. "Their stories inspire me, and it's wild while I'm talking with them to find myself thinking, "I grew up on this person, they got me into music, this is amazing, here I am still being inspired by this person."


Some notable performances have been alongside legendary Blues singer Buddy Guy at the New River Blues Festival, opening for Jackie Mason with her jazz band, and more recently performing with South (Sordid Fable's) at the Parkland Memorial Tribute concert in South Florida. Abbe has done shows in NYC, Boston, and in South Florida with her own original bands: Karma Daze, Day of Colors, and previous blues band, Southern Reach (in the 90's).

Her biggest influences are Janis Joplin, Brad Delp of Boston, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ann Wilson of Heart, and Freddy Mercury of Queen. Other influences are Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

Abbe also has an office in Asheville where she is a highly intuitive healer; often speaking with doctors or the science world to answer questions about meditation and healing energies. During the pandemic, when Abbe lost her friend to cancer, she turned to transcendental meditation to unblock and relax mostly.


"I was devastated, also having lost my dad at age 31 to cancer, so I turned to deep meditation. I didn't expect to know I could heal people.  All of us in this life, we are many gifts and much more than we believe we are. I'd love to see most of us out there meditating, healing things, and working on creating music, art, science. To use thought and energy in positive ways. I hope our new music brings a lot to everyone out there, giving back, when music has helped me thru many hard times in my own life."


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