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Day of Colors (studio) Abbe Davis
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Come on Come - Live @ S&G club 1.24Abbe Davis
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Abbe Davis Band is a hard rock band out of Asheville, NC, featuring the powerful vocals of Abbe Davis, and an arena/grunge hard rock sound. "Day of Colors" has previously been featured on Octane radio. Their songs are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, The Who, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam.  Abbe has previously played alongside Buddy Guy at the River Blues Festival in South Florida, and (with former band, Sordid Fable) at the Parkland Memorial concert. Abbe's  influences are Janis Joplin, Brad Delp (Boston), and Freddie Mercury. She is also editor of the nationally and internationally popular online rock magazine,; having interviewed many rock and blues legends. The band is busy with NC Festivals and local shows.  The band records in May, set to release by June.


Paul Castronovo FM Radio Show
DJ Personality

"I got to hang out with the band at the Parkland Memorial concert yesterday.Abbe's voice was great, their songs are killer, look out for them. I see big things for this band. They will be a known name in Rock music soon." -Radio personality Paul Castronovo Big 105.9 FM Rock radio


Ross House of Music, Germany

Loving the new rock original sound. We will showcase the Abbe Davis Band again this week on the USA Rocks show. Streaming tonight.


Jason Yarrow, TRR Mag

I got a sample of about four of the new songs. "Come On, Come On" is beyond good. I can't wait for the these to drop in April. I have the songs in my head now, it just rocks with the new arena songs they are doing.

Spotify and all streaming Releases in April

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